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Mobile Developer Program

Speech-Enable Your App Within Minutes

Dragon Mobile SDK

Have a cool app? Looking for a way to make it even more dynamic and appealing to a broad user base? Or, are you a developer looking for a way to speech-enable your app but haven't found a proven speech platform that meets your needs?

Open to all developers, the NDEV Mobile developer program creates a unique opportunity in the mobile developer ecosystem to power any application with Nuance's proven, best-in-class Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition technology. A first for the speech industry, NDEV Mobile provides access to our commercially renowned and proven speech platform via the Dragon Mobile SDK - for free. So any developer, anywhere in the world can tap into the power of the Dragon Mobile SDK and literally speech-enable their app within minutes!

In joining NDEV Mobile, developers have access, free-of-charge, to easy-to-integrate pre-packaged wrappers and widgets for simple application customization, all through a self-service website that is customized to meet the needs of developers big and small. Developers also have access to an on-line community forum for support, a variety of code samples and full documentation. And, once an NDEV Mobile developer has integrated the SDK into their application, Nuance provides 90 days of free access to the cloud-based speech services to validate the power of speech recognition on their application.

So what are you waiting for? Join the NDEV Mobile Program now!



Sample of Commercially Available NDEV Mobile Applications


The Nuance Mobile Developer Program gives developers of mobile applications access to cutting edge Nuance speech technology.
Key Benefits to Developers Include:

  • Minimal integration effort
  • Small footprint SDK with simple API
  • Highly accurate and fast speech recognition results
  • Rapid deployment of speech recognition apps
  • Enhancement of mobile application functionality
  • Branding opportunities
  • Increase applications sales and drive revenue
  • Improve end-user experience through increased productivity and faster andeasier access to information and content

Tech Specs

  • Text-to-speech support for more than 35 languages. 
  • Speech Platform support includes;
    • US, UK and Australian English
    • European and Americas Spanish
    • European and Canadian French
    • Cantonese
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Mandarin Chinese
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
    • Taiwan Mandarin
    • *Additional languages will continue to be added.


OS Platform Support

  • Apple iOS 3.0 and iOS 4.0.
  • Android v2.1 and higher
    • Windows Phone 7.1
    • HTTP web services interface 
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Integrating Nuance’s intuitive voice recognition as part of our app was seamless, bringing a new level of user interaction to our Ask for iPhone question and answer service. Finding information is incredibly easy when you can simply just speak a question versus having to tap it in, 
-Tony Gentile,
Senior Vice President, Products, US.

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