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NaNoWriMo with Dragon

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NaNoWriMo with Dragon Speech Recognition

Dragon, makers of the world's leading speech recognition software, is pleased to sponsor NaNoWriMo to help bring novels to life.

Committing to write at least 50,000 words in one month is a challenging (but somehow daringly alluring) feat. It can be done, as tens of thousands of authors – including some New York Times best-selling novelists – have proven over the years. How can you transform your fledgling storyline into a complete novel in just one month?  

Successful authors have the creative imagination to generate a world beyond reality. The ability to paint extraordinary pictures in their minds and conjure life-like characters that seem like old friends. But for some authors, it’s difficult to transfer those ideas into written words. They’re great storytellers, but may not be great typists. Their thoughts and ideas are trapped in their heads because they can’t type fast enough to capture them on paper. It’s happened to you before, hasn’t it? Just as you finish typing one particularly difficult-to-spell word, you’ve completely lost your train of thought. The flow of the dialogue you were trying to capture dries up, and you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor.

But what if you could eliminate the frustration and inconvenience – and often painful ache -- of typing? What if capturing your thoughts was as easy as speaking them aloud? That’s what writing is like with Dragon speech recognition: you talk and it types. Just speak all 50,000 words of your novel and watch the text appear on the screen as if by magic. 

With Dragon speech recognition, you can write a great novel in one month:

  • Stop Typing, Start Talking: Focus on the content of your writing rather than the mechanical distractions associated with typing and spelling. Dragon understands what you say and how you say it. Simply speak words and they appear on the screen -- with no typos.
  • Express Yourself: Transform ideas into text at the speed of thought; don’t let typing or spelling slow you down. Convert your thoughts into words just by talking, it’s that simple!
  • Avoid Pain and Injury: Reduce the amount of painful keystrokes and mouse clicks you’ll log this November! An author that types 40 words per minute presses 12,000 keys per hour or 96,000 keys per 8-hour day. With Dragon speech recognition, authors can simply dictate text at speeds of up to 160 words per minute, eliminating the need to touch the keyboard at all.
  • Say It, Do It: Tell your computer what to do, such as “Search Google for NaNoWriMo pep talks,” and it does it. Dragon understands and obeys your voice commands. It even gets to know you better over time – including the specific words that you use – so recognition accuracy keeps increasing.
  • Use Your Favorite Applications: Regardless of whether you use a Mac or a PC, Dragon can help you capture your novel within your favorite word processing application -- using just your voice.



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