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Dragon makes it easier for anyone to use their computer. You simply talk and Dragon types. It's that simple. Your thoughts instantly become words so you can get more done, in less time, and with greater accuracy than ever before. From creating documents, surfing the web, to controlling your computer, and more - Dragon transforms what you say into text quickly and accurately.

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Just talk to control your home computer

Dictate a quick email, search for a recipe, speak a homework assignment straight into your PC. It's easy, quick, and dare we say it, fun with Dragon. You'll get way more done than you ever imagined and you'll wonder why you ever slaved over a keyboard.

  • Everything you need to get started, including a high-quality headset microphone
  • Dragon gets you, with up to 99% accuracy out of the box
  • Create documents 3x faster than typing by hand  

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Now Only: $149.99

Regular Price: $199.99. You Save: $50

Speed through work with speech recognition

Get more done faster with greater efficiency. Use your voice to create reports, spreadsheets, and presentations. Zip through your email inbox, even capture notes on the go and sync them back to your PC. Make your daily to-do list vanish before lunch. 

  • Smart Format Rules allows Dragon Premium to adapt by detecting your format corrections - abbreviations, numbers and more - so your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time
  • Custom voice commands let you quickly perform tasks like inserting frequently used text and graphics
  • Go ahead, cut those wires— Dragon 12 adds support for wideband Bluetooth® wireless headset microphones


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Now Only: $159.99

Regular Price: $199.99. You Save: $40

Say what you think and create what you like

Dragon Dictate lets you accomplish more on your Mac than you ever thought possible, simply by speaking.

  • Free Dragon Remote Mic app turns your iPhone® into a wireless microphone
  • Control Mac® applications by voice, including Microsoft® Word 2011
  • Create custom voice commands to save time
  • Includes a high-quality headset microphone

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