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Nuance eCopy
Quick Connect

Custom connections quickly integrate paper into business processes

Quick Connect software plugs into eCopy ShareScan, enabling IT administrators to implement custom document distribution that dramatically increases business process efficiency. Quick Connect software is included with eCopy ShareScan® Suite™.

eCopy Quick Connect supports data publishing when used in conjunction with the eCopy Forms Processing or Barcode Recognition Extenders or other custom/3rd-party forms Extenders, allowing users to index and name files based on content extracted from their pages, further streamlining the scanning process. Workers spend even less time dealing with paper and data entry user errors are eliminated, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

* eCopy ShareScan v5 Connector only



Custom solutions include

Accounts Payable
Scan, index, validate, and link invoices and receipts to accounting system transactions

Scan, index, and link quotes and proposals to procurement database records

Customer Service
Scan and link customer agreements and supporting
documents to CRM database records

Human Resources
Scan, index, and link forms (e.g., I-9, W-2, benefits enrollment) to employee records in HR information systems

Scan and link paper RFPs, handwritten notes, and other
important documents to customer records in a CRM system

Scan, index, and store text-searchable contracts and other
legal documents directly into document management systems

Share documents between healthcare systems that use
HL7 format

System Requirements

eCopy ShareScan v4.2 (or higher) or v5

Supported Devices

For the latest supported platforms for eCopy ShareScan, CLICK HERE