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eCopy Barcode Recognition Extender

Automate Routine Workflows with Barcoded Documents or Coversheets

Automate Routine Workflows with Barcoded Documents or Coversheets

Automate Routine Workflows with Barcoded Documents or Coversheets

Scanning paper documents into electronic files involves multiple steps that are labor intensive (increasing cost), time consuming (constraining productivity), and error prone (reducing accuracy — all of which can result in lost information.

With eCopy Barcode Recognition Extender, you can maximize your investment in the eCopy ShareScan® document imaging solution by automating routine, error-prone tasks such as naming, batching, splitting, filing, and indexing scanned documents based on barcodes contained in the documents. Using the intelligence of barcodes while performing a batch process, you can eliminate scanner bottlenecks with automated splitting and naming of files. And all files are handled without user intervention, which delivers a simple user experience and consistent results.

eCopy Barcode Recognition Extender is used in conjunction with eCopy ShareScan and transparently runs as a background process iIt can be run with other Extender software, such as eCopy Image Enhancement, Cost Recovery, or Bates Numbering, as well as with any Connector.



Features & Benefits

Reduced Costs
Streamline document processing and organization by automatically filing scanned documents in network folders.

Improved Productivity
Pre-defined rules save time & enforce filing / naming conventions by automatically separating pages from
batches directly into discretely named electronic document files

Simplified Processes
Works in concerts with Connectors right at the device, enabling office workers to perform scanning tasks easily with a single button.

Seamless Workflow Integration
Barcode data published to eCopy Quick Connect automatically indexes the document with an XML file and distributes to Quick Connect destinations.

Reduced Data Entry Errors
Extender can be configured to write XML & CSV index files containing the metadata, e.g., date, time, file path, & barcode values.

Index Files Quickly
Further streamline
document management & distribution by automatically capturing and passing the index values to Connectors

Streamline Scanning
Ensure consistent and error-free batch processing. Using all common barcode fonts, the Barcode Recognition Extender automatically splits scanned files into separate files, using barcodes to identify the beginning of a new file.

Recognized Barcodes:

  • Code 39
  • Extended Code 39
  • Code 128
  • Code 25 Interleave
  • Code 25 Non-Interleave
  • Codabar
  • EAN-8
  • EAN-13
  • UPC-E
  • UPC-A
  • Patch Codes
  • PDF-417 (2-D Barcode)

System Requirements

eCopy ShareScan v4.2 (or higher) or v5

Supported Devices

For the latest supported platforms for eCopy ShareScan, CLICK HERE

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