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Nuance eCopy
Bates Numbering Extender

Automatically Label, Identify and Classify Documents as They Are Scanned

With the eCopy Bates Numbering Extender, as paper documents are scanned, a unique number is automatically applied to the image. By enabling users to easily add a customized Bates Number to each scanned page, a uniform method can be established to identify documents and pages.

When used in conjunction with the eCopy Forms Processing Extender or other custom/3rd-party forms Extenders, the Bates Numbering Extender supports bi-directional data publishing. Data contained within a document can be integrated into the unique stamp; data contained within the Bates Number can be passed along to index and name the document, reducing both the amount of time workers spend dealing with paper, and data-entry user errors, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.



Bullet headline: Features & Benefits

Confirm location does not conflict with text or photos, eliminating need to re-scan

Preserves image integrity, ensuring stamp is not overlaid on top of critical information

Color Font Support
Ensures adherence to Court-mandated color schemes

Intelligent Numbering
Retains the continuity of the Bates number when separating large documents, making the
documents easier for recipients to work with

Activity Logging
Capture Bates Number information in the activity
log for cost recovery purposes

Pagination Checkpoints
Preserve the integrity of the Bates Number information of documents scanned in at different times

"On the Fly" Customization
Better represents the image being scanned and ensures uniqueness

System Requirements

eCopy ShareScan v4.2 (or higher) or v5

Supported Devices

For the latest supported platforms for eCopy ShareScan, CLICK HERE