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Nuance eCopy
Forms Processing Extender

Scan and Capture Data from Documents & Drive Business Processes to Completion – Right from the MFP

Automating the processing of paper forms can accelerate business processes, reduce errors, and cut costs significantly. eCopy Forms Processing Extender makes it happen with simple, secure, production-caliber forms recognition right at the office copier. With eCopy Forms Processing Extender, your scanner uses "zonal OCR" to home in precise fields (that you’ve pre-defined), extract key data from the scanned paper document, and pass that data to backend
applications for faster, more efficient workflows.

It’s "as easy as eCopy."

  • Select your workflow on the touch screen
    • Verify the scan is correct
    • Validate the captured fields
    • Make any corrections
    • Send the data to the back-end application with the push of a button

    Now, any user can quickly and easily scan a form that updates a
    SQL database, initiates an invoice approval, or processes a purchase
    order. eCopy Forms Processing Extender is flexible enough to bridge
    the gap between paper forms and back-office applications.



    Features & Benefits

    Input Forms Directly into Databases and Applications Drive business processes to completion- right at the copier.

    Scalable Architecture
     Optionally off-load processing of CPU-intensive recognition processes to separate recognition server.

    Integrated Image Clean-Up
    Improve OCR accuracy.

    Extensive Forms Library
    Automate a wide variety of form classes and libraries.

    Flexible Zone Definition
    Create different zones to handle form variations.

    Confidence Thresholds
    Enable full automation – without validating every document – and simply "validate by exception."

    Real-Time Validation at the Device
    Eliminates downstream / offline error-correction with Regular Expression and ODBC validation.

    Flexible Page Separation
    Separate (batch) documents based on recognized data fields or barcodes.

    Easy Template Design
    Use a point-and-click graphical template designer and form template tester.

    System Requirements

    eCopy ShareScan v4.2 (or higher) or v5

    Supported Devices

    For the latest supported platforms for eCopy ShareScan, CLICK HERE