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eCopy Image
Enhancement Extender

Clearer Images for More Accurate Automation

Create Clear & Legible Images from Scanned Documents On-The-Fly, Eliminating Errors & Saving Time

Processing paper documents is a labor intensive and hence a costly endeavor.  Companies can automate the processing of stacks of paper documents by combining document imaging with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. However, the precision of OCR translation and the ability to automate the process depends to a large degree on image quality.

eCopy Image Enhancement Extender will maximize your investment in the eCopy ShareScan® document imaging solution by preprocessing scanned documents to produce a “clean” image free of imperfections.  OCR and barcode automation then precisely translate the contents of the image into machine-readable and editable text, dramatically reducing manual exception reporting.

eCopy Image Enhancement Extender is used in conjunction with eCopy ShareScan and transparently runs as a background process to improve image quality. It can be run with other Extender software, such as eCopy Barcode Recognition, Cost Recovery, or Bates Numbering as well as with any Connector. 



Image Enhancement functions include:

  • Remove Background Color Forms with text on top of a colored background can produce illegible scans. By removing the background color & converting color or grayscale images to bitonal images, the OCR results are improved & the text is much easier to read.
  • Halftone Removal Similar to color, black and white shaded areas interfere with the ability to read text after scanning. By eliminating the shading and preserving the text, reading, printing, and other post-scan uses are greatly improved.
  • Page Deskew Corrects any crooked pages that result from scanning or printing.
  • Despeckle Removes unwanted background dots, creating a smaller and cleaner file. The speckle size can be set so desirable specks, such as the dot on an "i", are not removed.
  • Cropping Produces a standard margin around an image by removing excess border or adding border to create consistent results.
  • Character Smoothing Improves legibility by smoothing the edges of text characters.
  • Grid Line Removal Tables and forms have gridlines that can interfere with OCR. By eliminating these lines and repairing any text that intersects with the lines, scanned documents are easier to read and OCR accuracy is improved.
  • Line Thickening / Thinning Some documents consistently scan poorly because the text is too light or too dark. Adding or removing one pixel around everything generates a better looking scan that is easier to use.

System Requirements
eCopy ShareScan v4.2 (or higher) or v5

Supported Devices

For the latest supported platforms for eCopy ShareScan, CLICK HERE