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Training Tools for Dragon 11 Customers

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If you're new to the world of speech recognition, start by reviewing the self-paced Dragon instructional video and the Dragon 11.5 user workbook. These tools provide step-by-step instructions that cover the dictation basics you need to know to accurately create and edit documents and email by voice. If you're looking for specific "how-to" information, select a topic from the list of videos and print guides below.

More detailed training tools are available within our Dragon 11 Training Video CD, Getting Started with Dragon Speech Recognition. For additional training and customization services beyond the tools listed here, reach out to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Value-Added Reseller community. You can find a local Dragon partner for one-on-one training using our partner locator. You may also want to consider personalized web-based product training offered by our training experts.

Step 1: Get Started Right

Introductory Video Training Course
This self-paced video outlines how to create a user profile, customize vocabulary, and learn basic commands to compose emails, draft and edit documents, and control your computer by voice.

User Workbook
This comprehensive workbook provides explanations, examples, and illustrations, as well as step-by-step instructions and practice exercises.

Customize Your Vocabulary
This workbook excerpt provides instructions to add words and phrases to your personal vocabulary to improve overall accuracy.

Your First Dictation
This workbook excerpt provides tips and best practices for general dictation.

Step 2: Formatting and Editing Text

Correcting Text
This video highlights the Correction Menu used to correct misrecognized words.

Formatting and Editing Text
This video outlines how to select, correct, edit or format word or phrases.

Editing Documents and Emails
This video highlights how to use your voice to navigate within a document and edit or format the contents.

Correcting Errors
This print guide details the best approach to correcting misrecognitions to help improve accuracy over time.

Step 3: Your Applications

Using Dragon with Microsoft Word
This cheat sheet provides a sample list of the most common and helpful commands for Word 2003 and 2007.

Surfing the Web
(Short Video) Access web pages, scroll up and down, go back, navigate hyperlinks, and more." 

Efficient Searches through Shortcut Commands
At any time, you can launch efficient searches thanks to commands containing your desired words plus category (maps, images, news...) or site (Wikipedia, IRS...). These search with your default browser and open it if it was closed.

Step 4: Going Further

Command Cheat Sheet
This print "cheat sheet" outlines the most popular and helpful commands to control your computer by voice.

Creating Custom Commands
Easily create commands to insert frequently used text and/or graphics by voice.

Read That
Text to Speech capabilities within Dragon deliver a synthesized voice that can read out loud text you designate.

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