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Dragon Drive

A smarter, safer way to stay connected on the road

Now, there's no reason to leave your connected lifestyle at home when you get behind the wheel.  Dragon Drive, our newest voice platform for unprecedented connectivity, allows you to speak your request and the car responds with a spoken answer or completed task.  There's no faster or safer way to access the content you need - with your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times. When you need to stay fully connected while navigating safely to your destination, the answer is Dragon Drive.

Dragon Drive combines Nuance's foundation technologies, embedded speech solutions and network-based speech applications to deliver a one-of-a-kind connected car experience and access to in-car dictation and other services that enrich your driving experience.


Re-defining the Connected Car Experience

Dragon Drive lets you speak naturally with in-car systems and directly access mobile content through an intuitive conversational interface.  Simply speak your request and Dragon Drive's natural language functionality knows what you want simply by how you say it.  With Dragon Drive on board, you'll experience an exciting new level of connectivity powered by a combination of Nuance's leading-edge voice, touch and language understanding technologies.

The connected possibilities are limitless with Dragon Drive - embedded and server-side technologies work in tandem to deliver these enabling services:


Dragon Drive Messaging

Speak and send text messages and e-mail the sensible way - with both hands securely on the wheel.  Dragon Drive makes it possible to stay safely connected while traveling to your destination. 

  • For example, dictate a message like "Send text to Anna Smith, 'I'm stuck in traffic. Why don't I meet you at the restaurant at 7 p.m.'" to update friends and business associates as you drive.






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