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Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics

360 | Clinical Understanding Services automates data extraction and transforms documentation into actionable data

Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics

Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics is a clinical data extraction solution built on the 360 | Clinical Understanding Services platform. Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics and
360 | Clinical Understanding Services leverage advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech recognition technology to create unparalleled solutions for healthcare informatics.

360 | Clinical Understanding Services technology eliminates the need for manual chart review by automatically extracting key information from clinical narratives, producing actionable information to enhance patient care, address operational efficiencies, and improve financial outcomes while streamlining workflow in real-time.

Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics takes unstructured, narrative-based physician documentation and converts it -- instantly and in real time -- into actionable, discrete data using 360 | Clinical Understanding Services technology, combined with powerful real time searching and indexing capabilities. Physicians can continue documenting patient care using their preferred dictation workflow.

The advanced 360 | Clinical Understanding Services engine in Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics mines clinical documentation, identifying and abstracting discrete data from narrative, free-text reports and other data sources, then converting it into actionable information. Automated clinical queries and real time clinical alerts improve clinical and financial outcomes – while the patient is still in the hospital. Automated patient action lists identify and track patients for Core Measures, Hospital Acquired Conditions/Present on Admission and Patient Safety Indicators.  Additional clinical queries include potential targets for RAC audits and stroke identification.

Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics is a real time clinical application that turns today’s reports into today’s action.  It codes and processes each document individually, in multiple formats such as SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) to create clinically discrete reports. 

With Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics, organizations can:

  • Allow quality and safety teams to make a difference: Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics eliminates hours a day of manual chart review and data abstraction using 360 | Clinical Understanding Services technology to mine key clinical facts from narrative physician documentation. Quality and safety specialists can focus on more on process improvements and less on gathering data. 

  • Identifies at-risk patients more quickly: Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics provides a real-time patient list based diagnoses or symptoms abstracted from census or admission data too late to affect care delivery. The ability to identify patients at risk for falls, urinary tract infections, central line infection, pressure sores and other conditions facilitates early intervention and mitigates the risk and cost associated with events acquired during a patient admission. Quality and safety teams can address RAC targets proactively and minimize potential readmissions. Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics can be the source of immediate information when confronted with a planned or un-scheduled safety, RAC, or JCAHO audit.

  • Broadens your scope of review: Clintegrity 360 | QualityAnalytics’ automated extraction and ad-hoc reporting capability is unmatched. In seconds, reviewers easily create their own comprehensive, multiple-parameter queries.
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